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03 October 2015

Our manager shares his experience of producing his first CD, setting up a record label and how he got Steve Hackett to give him a brand new track for a charity project!

Brian Rob 03

28 July 2015

Keyboard player Brian Holmes gives his take on what it means to multi-task as a human being in the modern world and provides an insight on what makes him the master of so many ‘trades’.

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09 July 2015

Our manager celebrates his birthday and a whole year of managing Machines Dream by looking back to how an Irishman and five guys from Northern Ontario joined forces to begin their assault on the world of Prog Rock!

Ken Coulter 2

08 May 2015

Following his blog in March considering some changes in his Life, Ken Coulter has taken time out to muse upon some of the aspirational goals and targets that he has set for himself as a musician.

Ken Coulter

11 March 2015

Hot on the heels of the initial blog from Craig West, drummer Ken Coulter has been reflecting on the trip to Indie Week in Toronto (October 2014) and how this provoked a change in how he perceived his various roles in Life.

Craig BW

05 March 2015

Vocalist Craig West takes time out from rehearsal for the follow-up to Immunity to discuss what is going on with the band right now. He talks about some of the changes taking place with the band, their sound and plans for the future.