365 Radio Network – a host of Radio Stations for unsigned artists of all genres – prog included.
Boston Rock Radio – streaming rock and metal worldwide.
Code Zero Radio – Rock Radio Station.
Cuillin FM – Prog Rock Radio Show with Jim Lawson.
Dr John’s Unsigned Rock Surgery – Prog & Rock Radio Station with John Forster.
Holmes Studio – Monique Holmes (the talent behind art and photography for Machines Dream).
For The Music Inside – music company Based in Sault Ste. Marie (home of Machines Dream).
Hooky’s Headbangers – great rock 19:00-21:00 BST.
Jerry Lucky – Canadian radio station and reviewer.
JonB52 – UK-based prog rock review site.
Local2 TV – television station based in Sault Ste. Marie (home of Machines Dream).
Max Volume PR – promoters of new music.
Monster Screen Prints – producers of the FIRST official Machines Dream T shirt.
Progwereld - online progressive rock site from Holland.
Radio Floyd – progressive rock station based in Monaco with Guy Geisert aka Phil Deville.
Rockers Dive – mainstream and unsigned acts from around the world broadcast from Chicago.
Sonic Vista – record label of Machines Dream.
The Pat Stone Show – World Indie Music Network.
The Prog Files – Prog Rock Radio Show with Garry Foster on WCR FM.
The Prog Mill – Prog Rock Radio Show with Shaun Geraghty on Stafford Radio.
This Strange Blog – prog reviews from Jorge Rittatore.
T-Mak World – for all things cultural in Toronto.
VM Radio – five stations serving the Algoma region.


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