Brian Holmes – Keys & Bass

Brian Holmes was born April 20th 1984 in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario.

He is Classically-trained, has been playing piano since the age of 8 and received his grade 10 in the Royal Conservatory of Music.

His first experience with a band was local swing, jazz and classical music groups where he played clarinet, drums, bass guitar or trumpet. Brian soon picked up the bass guitar full-time to play some rock and metal with his high school friends, which was something that would act as a catalyst to his music career.

Initially, Brian Holmes played bass guitar for a Rock Group called Children of Infinity. Eventually the band split up, but Brian found a great friend in Lee Maines (lead writer/guitar/vocals) and it was a friendship that would eventually blossom into Brian’s first real band experience.

Brian was approached in university by a fellow bass player Steven Furgiuele, who mentioned that he was starting a progressive symphonic metal band called Gates of Winter and was in need of a keyboard player. Brian took the job with Lee joining shortly afterwards on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Gates of Winter saw moderate local success playing festivals and local scene venues.

This is where Craig West first met Brian Holmes.

Craig suggested him to IT lead Nick Jackson, who was looking for a Canadian version of his UK-based band. Brian became full-time IT keyboard player and Craig and Brian’s brolationship blossomed. Apart from the occasional jazz gig in University, Craig and Brian would find themselves together on stage in many different guises throughout the years, which eventually culminated in Craig introducing Ken Coulter to the regular musician rotation.

Brian has played with local and international talents including Gates of Winter, Woods of Ypres, IT, Craig West Band and Marlowe’s Wheel. Brian has been on two tours of Canada/United States with Gates of Winter and Woods of Ypres, opening for large famed metal acts like Anvil, Korpuklaani, Moonsorrow and November’s Doom.

Currently Brian is the full-time keyboard player for Machines Dream. He lives in Sault Ste. Marie with his wife and two children Penelope and Arabell. Apart from music he enjoys video games, movies, reading, technology and programming (C# .Net especially).