Jake Rendell – Bass, Mandolin & Backing Vox

Why Jake Rendell?

Traditionally a bio would answer the question of “Who is Jake Rendell?”, but that’s secondary to his role in Machines Dream.

Jacob Rendell has a degree in music with a specialization in voice, is a licensed brass & woodwind repair technician, runs an instrument repair business (Algoma Instrument Repair), and has been a session player and a member of bands ranging in style from blues and jazz to pop and rock.

So he’s a talented guy.

But why is he now in Machines Dream?

Jake works in the building that also once housed Craig’s recording studio and had provided backup vocals on the first Machines Dream album.

When the band began recording Immunity, Jake added backing vocals on this, too.

The idea was that Jake could join the band and do live what he was doing in the studio, which is all the extra bits that make albums special, but that you don’t really notice on the first listen.

If Craig was playing bass, Jake could play guitar or mandolin. If Craig was playing guitar, Jake could handle the bass. Depending on what was called for in any given situation, having Jake in the band would let that happen.

Jake agreed and has done exactly that.

Now, if you see Machines Dream play live, you’ll notice all the extra bits, the harmony vocals and the background parts.

It should also be noted that Jake plays just about every instrument known to man.

He’s also a hell of a nice guy and the rest of the band just plain likes having him around.

Also he owns a van, which helps them when it comes to moving gear.