Ken Coulter – Drums

Who can you really count on?

Make a list in your head – right now – of people that you feel you can trust implicitly.

Not very long is it?

Ken is not just the rhythmic backbone of Machines Dream, but the guy at the top of each member’s list of most trustworthy friends.

A virtuoso with passion, Ken has the ability to play technically, but never at the expense of feel and is a huge part of the group’s sound.

He’s the band’s necessary stable centre. When the group are faced with a dilemma and tempers flare, it is usually Ken who grounds things and seems to have just the perfect piece of sage advice.

Today Ken plays DW and Tama drums. His first kit was an assemblage of cottage cheese containers, pot lids and chopsticks. In between those two points is the story of his life.

He studied with Stan Henshaw, a renowned big band session drummer who taught Ken that there is no right or wrong way to play the drums, as long as they groove.

Ken walked out of Seminary School, horrifying his staunch Irish Catholic family and charted his own path.

His musical style reflects his individuality and is sometimes bewildering to the eye. It is an amalgam of a right and a left handed drummer, who is also playing open. Watching Ken play the drums is sort of like watching a spider making a web, except – at 6’ 3” – Ken is larger than some spiders.

He can often be found exploring the deep woods north of his home town accompanied only by his Irish Wolfhound (165lbs of band mascot named Fiona) and other dogs. This has nothing to do with his drumming, but has everything to do with his personality, which has everything to do with his drumming. And why did the chicken cross the road?

Who the hell cares!!

Ken hadn’t actually played in many bands before Machines Dream. He was a member of the Windsor Community Concert Band and was apparently in a group called “Freebird”. We don’t know if that’s as bad as it sounds. We’re all afraid to ask.

If Craig is the group’s brain and Brian is the muscles, then, Ken is the heart.

Machines Dream count on Ken as a member of the band and as a close friend. Because they know they can.

Also, he is bald.

We feel this is important.

This makes him a very cool looking drummer.

Big, bald guy, playing half left and half right handed without crossing for the hihat and, at times, smashing the drums so hard you’d swear you’re being shelled.

Ken Coulter: the beating heart of Machines Dream.