Rob Coleman – Guitar

The second time Craig West met Rob Coleman was in a guitar store. And the third, fourth, fifth, etc.

Rob had the appearance of a cost accountant, but could shred almost as well as Reeves Gabrels.

It was years later Ken and Brian mentioned at a Machines Dream rehearsal that they were jamming with a guitar player who Brian thought might be a good fit for the band’s vacant lead guitarist spot.

Turns out it was the very same Rob Coleman from the guitar store circuit.

The group were halfway into recording Immunity when they decided to try Rob out.

The results were intuitive and exciting. One jam led to another – and another – and then Rob began adding parts to the new material.

His ability to play guitar brilliantly is overshadowed only by his incredibly tasteful and well thought out parts. He could burn 100mph on the fretboard all the time, but often just stays in ‘park’ watching the world go by until jumping in when he is needed the most.

Although the band have not given up on the dream of working with Reeves, they are very happy with Rob.

Reeves would – at the very least – have to audition.

We’re just kidding.


It’s not like Reeves is going to read this.