Radio/TV Interviews

Outside The Music Box

Our manager approached James Newcomb to see if he would be interested in featuring the band on his podcast. His response was very positive and arrangements were made to get him together with Craig to discuss some of the thoughts that go into making Machines Dream.

Before Indie Week

Donna Hopper catches up with Craig West in October 2014 at a showcase gig prior to the band departing for Indie Week in Toronto. They discuss the imminent release of Immunity and what changes have taken plave inside and outside of the band since the debut album.

Local 2 TV in Sault Ste. Marie

Craig sat down in February 2014 to discuss Machines Dream and Progressive Rock in general. He details the journey from friends jamming together to a fully-fledged band signed to an independent label and releasing their atmospheric songs to a world rediscovering this style of music.