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MACHINES DREAM (released March 2012):

“Machines Dream is the essence of progressive rock.”
Kenny Norton at Keno’s Album Reviewer

“Listening to Colder Rain right now…I like this. (A) talented group.”
Tweet by Eric Blackwood of Edison’s Children (used with permission).

“One of the best debut albums I have heard in a very long time.”

“Why the hell have this band not been picked up by the mainstream music media?”

Review by JonB52

“Machines Dream is going to be one hell of (a) revelation to avid prog fans out there.”

“The torrid Unarmed at Sea (is) a mellotron-drenched epic that simply takes the listener’s breath away…a sublime lead vocal within churning symphonic waves…gradually ‘going tornado’ into more passionate fury like some storm of melancholic solitude unleashing the deepest pain.”

“The artwork, production, arranging and playing are world-class.”

“…an excellent debut album by a set of very accomplished musicians.”

Taken from 3 reviews of the Machines Dream album at Prog Archives

“Progressive Rock that is both genuine and stirring.”

“The heartfelt gamut of emotions…is what ultimately fuels the entire album. This is as close to Floyd as most have ever come.”

“Listen to this album again and again, and you’ll discover lyrics and beautiful music to keep you believing that real music still exists. ALL the songs on here are not just good. They’re all excellent. Machines Dream are a must have in any progressive rock collection.”

“(the) self-titled debut album Machines Dream bristles with great music.”

“Everything that I love and enjoy about symphonic progressive rock is on display here.”
Jerry Lucky

“The keyboard work is mesmerizing, the bass lines are active and the guitar leads are a real thing of beauty.”
Bruce Siwy

IMMUNITY (released December 2014):

“Broken Door is awesome and Pink Floyd would be proud of it.”
John Forster – TBFM online, WROM radio, RockNationfm, Ultimate Local Music Radio and Radio Rock Bandom

“It is Prog. It is Canadian. It is Brilliant!”
Tweet by Jorge Rittatore of This Strange Blog (used with permission)

“a storm of dynamic drumming, mascular guitars, distorted vocals and flashy keys in a rhythmic delivery.”

“slow guitar lines and (the) hypnotic piano textures.”

“Atmospheric Heavy Prog with Neo Prog sensibilities and some well-placed psychedelic flavors.Warmly recommended.”
Taken from a review at Prog Archives

“Wonderfully exhilarating moments where the music swells and crescendos in some very satisfying moments.”

“As the band continue to mature in compositional style they are injecting more sounds and elements unique to their own musical approach.”

“A majestic wall of moving melody.”

“There’s lots of great moments sprinkled throughout this disc.”
From an album review by Jerry Lucky

“rather unusual but very harmonious and atmospheric instrumentation with piano, saxophone and strings.”

Machines Dream succeed with their album.

From an online album review at Whiskey Soda

“This is cinematic, modern art-rock.”

“…a little masterpiece arises.”

From an online album review at Babyblaue Prog Reviews

The music is best described as atmospheric, visual and narrative.

“…a well-oiled machine…”

From an online album review at Progwereld